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GFS Code of Practice [Thai]
1. Data Collection
    1.1 Explain the reasons of data collection to the data sources.
    1.2 Describe the details of the needed data to the data sources.
    1.3 Request the data sources for provision of the needed data within the deadline.
    1.4 Maintain confidentiality of all data, except where permission is granted from the data sources.

2. Data Processing
    2.1 Validate and cross-check data before processing.
    2.2 Apply suitable statistical techniques in data estimation.
    2.3 Apply up-to-date technology for most efficient data processing.
    2.4 Data processing is on the basis of internationally accepted standard (GFSM 2001)
    2.5 Check the validation of the final results after processing.

3. Data Analysis and Description
    3.1 Apply suitable statistical methodology in data analysis, and do not use statistical criteria that lead to bias results.
    3.2 Analyze and check the consistency of the data with other related data.
    3.3 Analyze and check the consistency among monthly, quarterly and yearly data.
    3.4 Explain and disseminate the method and coverage of GFS data to the end-users.

4. Data Dissemination
    4.1 Publish the advance released calendar.
    4.2 Data are disseminated timely following the advance released calendar.
    4.3 Disseminate Government Finance Statistic Manual 2001 and Thailand GFS Metadata.
    4.4 Provide the name of the contact authorities for further correspondences.